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Popular Web Development Trends in 2019

Advancements in web technology happen at warp speed; sometimes so fast that it’s very hard to even keep up! We bring you the latest trends, techniques, and tech approaches that are gaining popularity. Here you go!

Voice search

Everyone is familiar with super smart digital voice assistants like Siri for iPhones, Google Assistant for Android-based phones and Amazon’s Alexa. Smart speakers that are AI enabled are also gaining in popularity. The ease of use and affordability of these voice interfaces have made them a trend that is definitely here to stay! If you have a web app that needs to be found easily, make sure that you optimize it for voice search as soon as possible. It is estimated that 50% of all searches will be through voice within the next year.


The limitations of JavaScript compromise the performances of web apps, which is why many popular games and powerful applications are only available as a native desktop app. To change this scenario, WebAssembly is the new format that allows native-like performance among web apps and allows the code in any programming language to be easily compiled into bytecode that runs in a browser.

As WebAssembly code is executed faster than Javascript, you can write the performance critical parts of the app using a suitable language like C or C++, and just allow WebAssembly to take care of execution in the browser. Native apps can be run in the browser right away— giving access to more users while offering comparable performance on the web, all without any additional development costs!

Machine learning

Artificial intelligence, including machine learning, has become the new buzzword in tech circles across the world. Machine learning offers machines the abilities to learn from past experiences and improve performance without direct input from developers. It mimics the human brain by analyzing incoming data, detecting patterns, making decisions and improving its own work.

Through functionalities like natural language processing and image recognition, user experiences can be greatly enhanced. Computers can interpret data and make informed decisions. As an important part of web apps in different industries, such as healthcare, finance, education, agriculture today, this is a new-age technology that you must integrate into your services as well!

Data security

With advances in technology, cybercriminals have also become more adept at spoiling your services and stealing your users’ personal data or company information. This can cause harm in far-reaching ways to you and your clients. Always ensure that you do not neglect security testing and make sure that you use the latest versions of website monitoring tools. Create an algorithm that can continuously monitor all usage, as well as detect and qualify suspicious activity. When notified by such an algorithm, your team can instantly react and protect the web app. Make sure that all your service providers are completely trustworthy. All your sensitive data should be encrypted.


Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrency is definitely here to stay. With more Governments welcoming the use of this revolutionary technology, the popularity of this network architecture to power intuitive apps has soared. Blockchain technology offers the ability to create something which is not duplicable in the digital world, and as such has enormous value. Blockchain wallets are perfect for storing small cryptocurrency amounts and offer improved ease of use.

Ethereum, an open-source platform for blockchain projects, has created a JavaScript library web3.js that enables easy development of clients that interact with the Ethereum blockchain in multiple ways. It’s certainly time to take advantage of this technology to develop next-gen powerful web solutions to pressing problems!

Internet of things

The internet of things, or IoT, is a tech revolution that is gaining momentum as it reaches more acceptance across the world. It comprises a system of interrelated computing devices, digital machines, and objects that are provided with unique identifiers. They have the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. It is expected that iOT enabled web apps that are optimized for data display on smartwatches, refrigerators, smart speakers, etc. will gain popularity.

Motion UI

One of the biggest web design trends in the coming years is going to be Motion design. Sophisticated yet simple interactive web design trends look good and are able to grab user attention like never before. These include, among others, page header transitions, interesting hovers, animated charts, background animations and modular scrolling. Such eye catching elements will help you to keep users engaged and interested in your page, and will surely escalate your web app rankings!

So, which are the Web Development trends that you are going to explore further? Do tell us in the comments below!

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