KH Lite: A Paradigm Shift in Online Education

The Covid-19 pandemic has had far-reaching impacts across every aspect of our lives, and the education sector is no exception. Educators have had to innovate and implement new ways of teaching remotely, and online learning becoming the new normal not only for school and college students but also for organizations looking to up-skill and re-skill their employees.

To support educators and learners across the world,  EduSystems Australia has launched  KH Lite. This is a unique Student Management System (SMS) that unifies Live as well as Interactive virtual classroom learning with assessment and student support in a single, secure and scalable platform. Students and educators need not be present in the same place at the same time, and this means that geographical divides can be bridged. KH Lite effectively connects learners and educators from across the globe, allowing real-time interaction and collaboration just as in a regular classroom!

KH Lite empowers education institutes, colleges and training departments in the following ways:

There is a growing demand for open online/distance education and inter-college collaboration, and you will be able to cater to this demand. With KH Lite, you can extend your reach and connect with students across different geographies.

  • Educators can collaborate, author, and globally distribute online study programs.
  • Create unlimited courses with Video, Audio, Quiz, SCORM, and Assignments.
  • The secure platform allows scheduling and tracking of instructor-led study programs.
  • Efficiently manage a database of Students as well as Educators.
  • Enjoy unlimited Secure Course hosting for recorded and interactive live videos.
  • Student/ Staff Management is taken care of, ensuring that performances are tracked and there is improved collaboration on all counts.
  • Courses can be mapped out, allocated, and tracked easily.
  • Students are assessed at every level of their learning journey, to ensure that the concepts taught are being comprehended and retained.
  • Real-time reports are generated on demand, and a journal of performances can be maintained easily.
  • While there could be a small investment requirement at the initial stage, it more than pays for itself in terms of ongoing savings on classroom infrastructure and traditional teaching expenses.
  • Finally, institutions will be able to adopt the digitization of learning materials and reduce printing costs.

And here are the benefits for learners:

  • With KH Lite, learners can consume modular, self-paced training on-demand and on the go from desktops and mobile devices. The mobile app supports offline learning as well.
  •  Students can also easily gain anywhere, anytime access to a library of study programs across any device.
  • Easily access a database of all resources to reinforce the learning. Recordings of class presentations are available online and can be used as references to refresh the concepts learned.
  • Undertake regular assessments to test comprehension of the subject matter, and study the material again in case learning retention is inadequate.
  • Reach out for support through the online forum and get doubts addressed. Collaborate with peers and teachers online, sharing knowledge, discussing challenges, and getting precise feedback.
  • Get automated alerts when a course is completed.

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