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Virtual Company Secretary: The Need of the Hour

As a business professional, you already know that getting the best legal advice is crucial to the success of your business. Right from setting up your business entity to managing legal compliances, settling disputes, and reviewing work contracts, lawyers are at the backbone of every business function.

While you may have had a lawyer on retainer till recent times, now you can explore the possibility of having a specialized online lawyer at your beck and call, whenever you need their services! The lawyer you have on retainer might not specialize in the type of legal practice you need in a particular instance, and you might have to consult with a specialist—even as you continue to pay the retainer for your own legal counsel anyway.

All this can be expensive and time-consuming. And we all know that in today’s world, cutting down on running overheads, while still availing of the best-in-class services of experts in the field, is imperative. A business that is lean and efficient is well-positioned to stay afloat in turbulent times, as the present!

That’s why online legal services are the need of the hour. With just a few clicks, you can access legal documents, take care of compliances, find an attorney who is an expert in what you need, set up your business mandates, and seek legal counsel.

MWT Technologies brings you Virtual Company Secretary (VCS), a secure online platform for high-quality professional legal services. Through a secure client portal, you can interact with our network of qualified attorneys via video conferencing. Harness the power of virtual platforms, and get the legal services you need from a remote location. Save time and money, and get the services you require without stepping out of your office!

This is a platform with immense benefits to the legal fraternity as well. By connecting with clients online, lawyers can achieve greater financial success and work-life balance by redefining the ways that they operate their services.

This is undeniably a win-win solution, both for customers and lawyers!

Advantages to clients

  • No need to pay for legal services on retainer; pay for only the hours of service that are actually used. Huge cost benefits.
  • Get the advantage of collaborating with expert professionals from across the country.
  • Legal advice and services available 24*7, as and when required.
  • The flexibility of connecting with lawyers online from wherever you are, without having to travel for in-person meetings.
  • Cost-effective, transparent, and ethical services from top legal professionals.
  • Encrypted and secure communication channels, assuring complete confidentiality.
  • Anyone anywhere can get easy access to expert legal services.
  • Outsource routine legal tasks to the online team, freeing up your time to proactively concentrate on business growth.

Advantages to Lawyers

  • Greater flexibility and work convenience.
  • Advocates can work from home, or work from anywhere else, and they can work flexible hours when needed as per their convenience.
  • Better work-life balance.
  • Easier client relationship management.
  • Reduced infrastructure costs, so less overheads.
  • Connect with clients across the country rather than only in a limited area.
  • Ability to network with peers across different states and collaborate on cases.
  • Easy online storage and organization of records, with access at your fingertips.

To know more, connect with MWT Technologies today!

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