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Virtual Company Secretary: Save Time and Cut Costs!

In recent times, mandatory company regulations and government mandates have increased, making the burden of compliance more complex for companies everywhere. Non-compliance, even if it is inadvertent, can lead to unnecessary complications and increased risks. This in turn has increased the demands on company secretaries, who are required to maintain all records in proper order, adhere to all laws, regulations and guidelines, and ensure that compliance obligations are filed on time.

Getting the services of an expert company secretary is crucial to business success, and to ensure that all such mandates are followed in a smooth and streamlined manner. From the very start of your business—right from setting up the entity to getting the required documentation done, ensuring that legal compliances are in place, managing disputes and scripting work contracts, an efficient company secretary is required to handhold you through every step.

Most companies choose to have a company secretary on retainer, but this could prove to be an expensive affair. What’s more, he or she may not be specialized in the kind of services that you may require at different times.  This might require that you pay for additional legal support from time to time, even though you are already paying for the company secretary appointed by you.

What this means is that you are burdened with additional expenses and delays in the work. And with companies everywhere striving to navigate through uncertain times, it makes sense to optimize resources and cut down costs. Businesses that are lean and agile can stay ahead of the competition, allocating funds and resources where they are actually needed; while still having the best legal services on call.

All this points to the very real need for an online legal services platform. Expert lawyers who are proficient in their field of expertise are available for your requirements. Pay for only the time they spend on your work, without having to keep them on retainer through the month. And get the best legal minds in the country to work with you on your legal needs!

Virtual Company Secretary (VCS) is a state-of-the-art platform set up by MWT Technologies for high-quality professional legal services. A secure client portal allows you to interact with our network of qualified attorneys via secure video conferencing and online messaging. Through a completely confidential and secure virtual platform, you can get the legal services you need as and when you need it.

This is a great opportunity for qualified lawyers as well! Especially during the pandemic, when courts are not operating at full strength, they can still reach out to the public and to companies everywhere and offer their expertise online.

Let’s look at the benefits for both clients and advocates!


Immense cost savings and high-quality legal advice

Customers can benefit from reduced costs, while at the same time getting access to the most qualified network of lawyers in the country. Instead of paying for a company secretary on retainer, which can be an expensive proposition, they can pay only for the hours of actual service.

24*7 services

While advocate offices have limited working hours and you will have to wait in line to get the services you need, here you can access legal advice and services 24*7.

Convenience of connecting online

You have the flexibility of connecting with lawyers online from anyplace, without having to travel for in-person meetings and waiting your turn. Save valuable time, and do away with the need to travel large distances.

Transparency and confidentiality guaranteed

You can avail of cost-effective, transparent and ethical services from top legal professionals. The platform uses encrypted and secure communication channels, assuring complete confidentiality.



Increase network of customers

As virtual platforms are not limited by geography, lawyers can reach out to more clients across the country. Increase your clientele through word of mouth and good referrals online.

Work convenience

The convenience and flexibility of being able to work from home or the office remotely cannot be matched. Work only during the hours that suit you.

Better work-life balance

The ability to work remotely gives you more time to spend with family and friends.

Less overheads

You can do away with the need to set up an office. All the infrastructure you will ever need is a laptop and a high-speed internet connection!

Easier client relationship management

You can talk to your clients through secure video capabilities, or chat with them online. All messaging is completely confidential.

Collaborate on cases

The platform offers the capability of peer-to-peer collaboration on cases. Network with like-minded legal professionals and share experiences or discuss cases.

Online repository

Avail of easy online storage and organization of records, with ready access at your fingertips.

Anyone, anywhere can get easy access to expert legal services now! By outsourcing routine legal tasks to your online team of lawyers, you can free up your time to do what really matters and grow your business!

To know more, set up a call with MWT Technologies today!

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