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What makes digital learning the need of the hour

The pandemic has redefined the world of learning, creating a paradigm shift in the global education system and making the move from brick-and-mortar classrooms to virtual learning not merely a value-add, but an imperative. Educational institutions everywhere faced the challenges that came with social distancing and the inability to have face-to-face interaction between students and teachers. Digital learning was the answer! 

With schools, colleges and institutes of higher learning all going into lockdown, digital learning has become the need of the hour. Online teaching tools and learning platforms are now being implemented across all levels of education in schools and universities in the world. Corporate offices also deploy online training platforms for upskilling their workforce, ensuring that they stay updated with all the latest ways of working and advancements in technology. 

As more people realise the value of digital learning, e-learning and ed-tech unicorns are mushrooming everywhere, each of them doing better than the next. Innovators are pushing out new learning management platforms by the dozen, making the best use of new-age tools and technologies in the ed-tech sector.  

This change in the global education system has resulted in blurring geographical boundaries, allowing students in even the most remote villages to get access to high-quality education and curriculum. Learners are well networked and are able to stay in touch with their global counterparts, creating a stronger, more unified nexus of teachers and students everywhere. 

Especially in countries like India, digitization of education is viewed as the need of the hour. Only a few years ago, it was only the topmost schools in metro cities were equipped with the right tools and systems in order to allow virtual learning. However, with new forms of class delivery such as mobile learning, any student who has a mobile phone is able to access digital learning programs and participate in virtual interactive classrooms in real-time. 

There are myriad benefits of online education, for both the instructors and the learners.  

Benefits for the Instructors 

Educators who wish to share their knowledge and expertise with the world can easily do so by creating and delivering online learning programs.  

They can take online classes in real-time, through interactive virtual classes where learners and teachers log in at the same time from any location in the world. Or, they can choose to create and upload e-learning modules that can be used by students to learn at their own pace.  

Information is presented in a visually engaging manner and delivered through Learning Management Systems (LMSes) that can manage the delivery of modules, periodically test the assimilation of knowledge and generate certificates on completion of each course. 

Data sharing becomes very easy, and instructors can share resources with students with just the click of a button. Especially during the period of lockdowns and social distancing that was in place during the pandemic, sharing and broadcasting study material online has been very advantageous to teachers and instructors who were able to grow their online networks and build up a powerful presence in the digital world.  

Benefits for the Learners 

It is the learners who gain the most when adapting to digital education. They are able to log in from wherever they are, which gives them better work-life flexibility.  

Digital learning can be conducted and consumed from any part of the world, which means that they can access lectures delivered by some of the foremost institutes of learning in developed countries; a capability that gives online education a unique edge. 

Online learners can access vast stores of resource libraries that are available over the internet. Research material shared online is easy to transfer and share among participants in any part of the world. 

They can also network with other learners from across the world, participate in online discussion forums and interact with peers in other countries to solve problems and address learning challenges. 

There are no time limitations, as the material taught during the virtual live class is recorded and can be revisited any number of times till the students are fluent with the subject matter. E-learning programs are available for lifetime access and can be attempted again whenever the students need to refresh or restore their knowledge and skills. 

These resources can be utilized by the instructors themselves at a later date to audit their exercises. Instructors can upgrade the lessons which are stored in the cloud, and students who are logging in will instantly be able to see the updated modules. 

All that is required is a stable internet or mobile data connection, and with today’s easy access to high-speed 4G and 5G internet, this is no longer a problem.  

Learning is engaging and fun 

Digital learning is also visually more engaging and allows for far greater learning interest. Students can learn through visual elements such as pictures, charts, maps, and so forth, which make the concepts clearer and more comprehensible. Audio visual representations are known to have a far greater effect on the student’s retention and overall performance. 

When learners are more invested in their studies, they are able to grasp concepts quickly and complete the lessons faster. This leaves them more time to work on other creative pursuits and have some free time for entertainment as well. 

Environmentally friendly 

Another aspect that is often overlooked is that digital learning is a better choice for the safety of our planet! Virtual learning does away with the need for books and papers, reducing the need to cut down forests for paper, and helping to keep our environment clean and green.  


Technology has enhanced every aspect of lives, including the way we communicate, learn and dispense information. Today’s virtually connected world calls for new ways of creating and disseminating knowledge. Online learning has proven to be advantageous in many ways. With new tech tools at their fingertips, today’s learning institutions are empowered to provide their students with advanced learning options that help them learn better, quicker, and with quality curriculum that is on par with the best in the world. 

AT MWT Technologies, the most advanced IT company in Kochi, we stay on top of rapid technological advancements in the ed-tech world. We reinvent learning experiences using the latest tools and technologies to create innovative and engaging content for learners across all levels and streams. Whatever may be your digital learning need, you can be sure that we have the right solutions! 

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