What Is the Future of E-learning – Emerging Trends to Be Aware Of

Even the most committed educator may find it difficult to stay on top of the most recent eLearning innovations. But as a fast primer, eLearning is going in the direction of more inclusive and collaborative methods, thanks to the digital marketing companies in Infopark Kochi. 

According to software development companies, the current trends in digital education are also shifting to more engaging forms, which largely rely on gamification and AR/VR to capture and hold learners’ attention. Additionally, eLearning has seen a few unanticipated developments. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the digital world, eLearning is defined as learning that makes use of technology to produce a more engaging and instructive learning environment. It includes the usage of interactive whiteboards, online courses and other teaching methods. 

eLearning is quickly overtaking traditional classroom instruction to take its place as the primary method of imparting knowledge to people of all ages. The idea is always evolving and changing, though, as it is still relatively new. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss several trends that will point to eLearning’s future and its place in the classroom. This article is intended for educators who want to make a smart investment in the future of education, including teachers, professors, parents, students, and administrators. There are numerous software companies in Infopark Kochi and digital marketing agencies in Kochi providing cutting-edge eLearning technologies. 

Adaptive Learning  

With adaptive learning, each student’s needs are taken into account while creating resources, assignments and projects. Instead of the possibly arbitrary decisions of teachers themselves, adaptive learning is typically implemented in the context of eLearning through the use of predefined algorithms and assessments. 

Social Learning 

Social learning adapts the fundamentals of interpersonal communication and group dynamics to the current technological environment. Collaboration has never been more fruitful, effective, and smooth thanks to social learning in the digital sphere, which is enabled via online forums, class chat rooms, and file-sharing platforms. Teammates can now provide advice and assistance from any location, including their homes, classrooms, and neighbourhood coffee shops.  

Video learning  

Today, with the development of eLearning, video learning is now a common practice in classrooms all over the world. Video learning has undoubtedly advanced significantly since the days of shared classroom televisions, with anything from video-based lectures to instructional films. There is not a single application today or in the future that video learning cannot enhance. If you want to know more about video learning you can contact the best app development companies for further information. 

Artificial Intelligence 

With the advent of modern text-based chatbots, such as Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and others, AI is now being used in homes all over the world. 

AI has applications outside of the scope of straightforward smartphone instructions, like eLearning. Provided by top IT companies in Infopark Kochi, AI can help students navigate courses, make learning predictions, and provide real-time personalisation and support ideas underpinning adaptive learning. 


Educators have discovered that lessons, in addition to online modules, provide stronger and faster retention when, for example, a 2-hour lesson is divided up into four 30-minute-long sessions. This method is known as microlearning. Microlearning is a sign of a trend that extends outside of eLearning and into conventional classroom settings.  


Learning is always more fascinating and easier when it’s enjoyable. This aspect of eLearning, referred to as gamification, aims to make learning fun! 

But it’s not just fun and games; there are also benefits that have been scientifically demonstrated to come from starting games once lessons are introduced or reviewed. First of all, it enables instant contact with and application of the material. Engagement, retention, grades, and overall classroom satisfaction all go up when understanding is higher. Game-based learning solutions will be used in classrooms in the foreseeable future given the wide range of beneficial outcomes. 

Mobile Learning 

The development of mobile learning, or mLearning, is unquestionably an appropriate trend to take into consideration even though it is not precisely a component of what makes up the conventional eLearning. A few years ago, the idea of doing anything on your mobile smartphone besides making basic phone calls and playing 8-bit games seemed unthinkable. Today, almost anything is feasible, and everyone values being able to complete tasks while on the go. 

Augmented & Virtual Reality 

Augmented and virtual reality uses 360-degree images, graphics overlays, and an explorable interface in the context of eLearning. No matter what the subject matter—mathematics, physics, history, or literature—eLearning practitioners can effectively immerse their students in it through the use of augmented and virtual reality. 

Learning Management Systems 

Employers and managers frequently use what is known as a content management system, or CMS, to create and store digital information in many collaborative contexts and workplaces. This idea has recently been applied to the field of online learning. Learning management systems (LMSes) have made it possible for educators and other eLearning professionals to create, record, and manage the courses and curriculums that are produced. 

Lesson planning and management will be much easier with the availability of an LMS, doing away with the outdated analogue techniques permanently as current forms of learning, and eLearning in particular, become more and more digitised and supported.  


No matter which e-learning trend you wish to apply, the advantages are certainly clear. Providing your students, a fun and engaging learning environment is crucial to ensure that they not only retain information well but also enjoy their learning experiences. If you are keen to implement a few of these eLearning trends in your classroom, then you should check out our solutions for creating engaging and interesting learning spaces at MWT Technologies! 

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