What Is Search Engine Marketing | Definition and Basic Concepts

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is a very efficient approach to boost your website’s rating on search engines like Google and draw in targeted traffic. You can raise brand awareness and boost sales by making an investment in SEM.

Definition of Search engine marketing 

The goal of SEM, a form of digital marketing strategy, is to place your business or your customer on the first page, if not the top spot, of search engine results. This will increase the amount of traffic to your website, which you can then convert. 

Search engine marketing: What is it exactly? 

All the strategies, tools and methods used in search engine marketing are meant to increase the visibility of websites and web pages in Google and other comparable search engines. 

The top of the results can be reached in one of two ways 

  1. The centre of the page often displays organic or natural results, which are chosen by Google’s algorithm. This algorithm evaluates the website’s authority as well as its relevancy (the content quality and how well it responds to a particular search). 
  2. Paid results are also included at the top of the page in a column on the right. In contrast to organic results, the advertiser here must pay a certain sum for each click on their advertisement. It is vital to make use of tools like Google Ads in order to purchase advertising space on search engines. 

Important Concepts of Search Engine Marketing  

Keywords: These are words that people type into search engines to cause a specific advertisement or search result to be shown. They don’t need to be separate terms. In reality, using phrases like “purchase sports shoes” or “what is the best accounting software” is quite frequent. 

Concordance: You must specify the degree of similarity between the keywords you have chosen and the terms that people use when entering a search query into a search engine when setting up a campaign in Google Ads. This is termed as “Concordance”. 

Text ad: Although there are now many possibilities, such as shopping advertisements, text advertising is still the most common sort of advertisement displayed in search engines. Text advertisements often have a title, and a customizable and visible URL with a brief description. 

Ad group: An ad group in Google Ads is made up of numerous advertisements using the same keywords. You can determine which of them is the most efficient in this manner. 

Campaign: In Google Ads, the campaign serves as an organisational “umbrella” for several ad groups with related objectives. If you sell school supplies online, for instance, one campaign would feature ad groups with textbooks, another might have backpacks, and a third might concentrate on drawing tools. 

Landing pages: When a user clicks on an advertisement, they are directed to a landing page. This page needs to be optimised to get conversions and persuade users to perform specific actions in order to see positive results with search engine marketing (like completing a form to download an ebook). To guarantee a positive user experience, the landing page, keywords, and displayed ad should all be coordinated. 

Search Network: Your adverts will appear on the search network in this area. Although you can also show them on other websites like YouTube, the most popular option is at the top and right of the results page. 

One would feature textbooks, another might feature backpacks, and a third might highlight art supplies. 

Impressions: This means how many times an advertisement was displayed. 

CTR: It is the proportion of clicks to total impressions  

Clicks: Clicks are the number of times an advertisement has been clicked. 

CPC:  CPC stands for cost per click on average. 

Quality Score: The Quality Score, which Google assigns to advertising and keywords, affects your cost per click. This rating is based on the quality of the landing page, the percentage of clicks received, and the relevance of the advertisement. The goal of this method is for higher-quality ads to appear in more prominent positions and cost less per click. 

How does SEM benefit your business? 

Spawns Highly Qualified Traffic 

Generating organic traffic can be a very time-consuming, laborious procedure with long-term results. You can speed up this process and draw visitors to your website instantly with search engine marketing. Additionally, because these users looked for what you have to offer, you can be confident that they are interested in what you have to offer. 

  • Spawns Visibility 

Even if a customer does not click on your product initially when they see it, showing up in the top results of Google and other search engines links your brand with a certain requirement. 

  • Creates Conversions 

The improvement of business outcomes is the ultimate objective of Google Ads and other search engine marketing tools. You should create optimised landing pages that guide users toward conversion in order to do this. 

  • Get the most value for your money 

Search engine marketing is a good option for businesses of all sizes because the minimum investment is so low and it is a great benefit to you. On the other side, if your brand is expanding, you can up your campaigns’ complexity and investment to maintain their momentum. Additionally, you can be sure that your budget is being used wisely because you only pay if you receive results (in the form of clicks). 

  • Achieves quantifiable outcomes 

Solutions for search engine marketing, like Google Ads, offer a variety of metrics on campaigns and keep you updated at all times. This makes it very simple to alter the route if necessary and achieve better outcomes. 


SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, offers a tremendous deal of promise to assist businesses in quickly and effectively achieving their objectives. It is crucial to have professionals with considerable experience positioning companies in Google so that you can get the most out of it. Get in contact with MWT Technologies if you want to use all of Search Engine Marketing‘s advantages for your brand. 

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