Latest Web Design Trends of 2022

Web designing is always vibrant. A hot new trend emerges just as you start to define what excellent design looks like, leaving even the finest teams scratching their heads. Should you re-evaluate your present plan? Does it fit your brand’s personality? Do your customers think it’s good? 

Make decisions about web design trends based on what will please your customers. Speak with your clients both before and after making any significant design choices for your website to verify that those modifications will solve their issues and produce the best possible user experience (UX). 

As you go through this blog, consider which trends will benefit your users the most and best serve their individual needs. 

Highlighting empty space 

An established minimalist web design trend is to surround your design pieces with a fair amount of white, empty, or negative space. But as more people look for a streamlined, app-like online experience in 2022, it will become even more crucial. 

Including a lot of negative space in the layout of your website can help: 

  • Focus users’ attention: By surrounding website elements with white space, you make it obvious to visitors where you want them to pay attention. 
  • Make your website more responsive. Users increasingly expect websites to function just as well on mobile devices and tablets as they do on desktops, which is driving a rise in the need for simple, streamlined user interfaces (UIs).  Your site’s interface will be more responsive and simpler to adjust for different screen sizes if it welcomes white space rather than packing in too many things. 
  • Improve the user navigation experience: Use negative space, which makes it much simpler for visitors to interact with your website and comprehend the information you are presenting. This improves usability and produces a fantastic user experience. 

Streamlined hero sections

On your homepage, the large banners immediately below the main menu are known as hero sections. They must be impactful because they are the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your website. 

Many brands aim to provide as much information as they can to their visitors on the homepage; as a result, their hero sections frequently have too much going on. However, teams have come to the realisation that overwhelming visitors with several photos, videos, headlines, and buttons right away might be a critical UX design error. 

In order to reduce friction in the client journey and make your site easier to navigate, streamlined hero sections that only contain the most crucial information are in trend in 2022. 

To write a strong, simple hero section, try the following best practices: 

  • A compelling heading that clearly communicates your unique selling point (USP) and product positioning 
  • A concise paragraph of copy that gives extra background information about your product 
  • Calls to action (CTAs) that nudge consumers to make a purchase 
  • One important photo or video 

Large, eye-catching typography

Simple written content is transformed into a fascinating visual element by using oversized typography. It’s a fashionable approach to convey important information while providing your website a distinctive, eye-catching appeal. 

You can embrace the trend of extra-large text or utilise it more tastefully, depending on the kind of statement you want to make. 

Consider employing a stylised phrase to convey the most important task your product or service achieves for users rather than relying solely on imagery. To ensure that your message pops out and doesn’t clog up your user interface, keep the colour contrast strong and the background plain. 

Retro design

Sometimes, though, the best web design involves looking back rather than ahead. In 2022, websites with a vintage appearance are making a resurgence as a way to engage emotionally with people through aesthetics and nostalgia. 

You can utilise the following design cues to transport users to the “golden days”: 

  • Simple shapes 
  • Distinct linework 
  • Two-tone colour combinations 
  • Old-fashioned typography 
  • Vintage textures 
  • Animated illustrations 

Keep other design components, such as the navigation menu, search bar, and cart icons, straightforward, understandable, and uncomplicated to make your vintage design really shine. 

The finest use of nostalgic design is when it complements either a particular product or your overall brand identity. 

Collage-style graphics

Collages are a beautiful and useful method to combine a variety of photos into one visual or interface while giving websites a distinctive and memorable look. 

For hero-section collages, pick images that represent your business and let users know who you are. 

A collage-style homepage is a terrific approach to leave a lasting visual impression on visitors while keeping your site new and uncluttered for eCommerce and retail sites with multiple images to feature. 

Horizontal scrolling

While horizontal scrolling is increasingly being included on websites in 2022, vertical scrolling is still the norm for desktop browsing. For businesses who want to share a lot of visual content with visitors, horizontal scrolling is a terrific web design trend since it allows you more room on your website and prevents a crowded user interface. If you want to present big, interactive items like maps, horizontal scrolling is also beneficial. 

With horizontal scrolling, users can get: 

  • A distinctive, unforgettable encounter when using your website 
  • The capacity to seamlessly navigate a big gallery of pictures 
  • A user-friendly experience with swiping capabilities on gadgets like cell phones 


You should make your customers at the centre of your decision-making process in order to successfully implement the web design trends outlined in this article. Try to make an assessment if your new design ideas will enhance the user’s experience.  Test and gather feedback before and after you make significant changes to your website. 

Need help?  The experts at MWT Technologies will help in freshening up your web design by trying out new trends in 2022. 

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