Why Video Is the Best Growth Strategy for Your Business Today

Nearly 33 percent of all online activity is devoted to watching videos, and that figure is only growing. If you intend to connect with your audience, inform them about your brand, and transform them into customers – why not make use of their favorite source of online content?

Social media video is currently having a significant moment.  Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, said that video is “driving an unbelievable amount of growth online for all major platforms” in a recent Instagram Live and that video will be a big area of focus for Instagram in the upcoming months.  

The lesson learned: It’s time to start producing video content if you want to succeed online. In this blog, we shall explore the reasons why video is so popular among the masses, why it is an excellent digital marketing tool and why it is an excellent tool to enhance your business. 

More people watch (and engage with) videos

In the first 10 seconds of visiting any social networking site recently, you might have seen video content. This is due to the fact that video material often performs better with most algorithms because it holds viewers’ interest for a longer period of time.  

This explains why Instagram users engage with videos more than any other sort of material, with video tweets seeing a 10x increase in engagement.  In order to promote adoption, social media platforms also offer new features a push, many of which are connected to video.  One of the strongest development strategies now available on the app is Instagram Reels, which the social media platform is still strongly marketing. 

Video is getting more and more popular on all channels 

Users on social media absolutely adore video. 54% of consumers said they wanted to see more video content from the brands or companies they support, according to a poll from 2018. Since then, video has become increasingly popular on all platforms, from Facebook to LinkedIn.  

Users watched online videos for an average of 6 hours and 48 minutes per week in 2019, up by 59% from 2016. More than ever before, consumers expect brands to provide amusing and engaging content on social media, and video is one of the best formats for doing so. 

Videos frequently have a longer shelf life 

Video content not only receives higher engagement than other types of content, but it also frequently lasts longer. For example, TikTok videos can appear on users’ For You Pages weeks or even months after they are first posted.  This is due to the fact that video content generally produces more interactions and shares, allowing it to persist in the ecosystem for a longer period of time. 

The Gen Z audience is attracted to videos 

Gen Z is far more internet-connected than previous generations and has grown up with YouTube as their main entertainment and educational platform. In fact, 50% of millennials and Gen Z respondents to a YouTube survey claimed they “couldn’t exist” without video in their everyday lives.  This explains why TikTok has been such a hit with Gen Z users as a short-form video software. Most popular TikTok stars are between the ages of 18 and 24, and about 35% of TikTok’s 800M+ users fall into this category. 

Video can be repurposed on various platforms 

While creating high-quality video content may take longer than simply snapping a picture, once it is done, you can use it to connect with a variety of users on many platforms. More people reached means a higher return on investment.  As both platforms have the same 9:16 format and the same intent, this is one trend that many influencers and brands are following on TikTok and Instagram Reels.  

It is possible to repurpose videos on several platforms.  In the same way, 16:9 videos can easily be posted on Facebook, IGTV, and YouTube, each of which is better suited for somewhat longer-form content. There are endless opportunities! 

You can interact with your audience in a more personable way 

Consumers want to learn more about the businesses and creators they follow now more than ever before, and video is one of the best methods to do this. Video content featuring the faces of your brand may humanize your company and foster a stronger, more emotional bond with your audience. Additionally, it’s a great way to explain your product offering in a friendly manner, which may be far more relatable (and convincing) than a collection of static photographs. 

Video is an effective sales tool 

A video is worth at least a million words if a picture is worth a thousand. This is just one of the many reasons why video is a potent sales tool. Users are 2.6x more likely to make a buy by following brand videos on Pinterest.  In fact, 93% of marketers claimed that a social media video helped them gain a new client. Brands may present items in a dynamic way with video, which also adds important context that is nearly impossible to convey through a single image. 

If you are not yet creating video content for your brand, this is the best time to get started.  Technical experts at MWT Technologies offer you the simplest and most authentic concepts that can work best for your brand.  Contact us now for further information. 

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