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KH Lite App Makes Learning So Much Easier

Education is now on the go and the new KH Lite app makes learning online so much easier than traditional classroom education. Developed by EduSystems, Australia - a next-generation technological solution consulting firm – KH Lite app uses state-of-the-art technology to offer engaging, effective content through LIVE CLASSES and also personalizes the learning experience based on each student’s pace and style of learning.

KH Lite Student Management System

Enrol your students for learning programs and stream or download course videos to watch directly from the iPhone or Android device.
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KH Lite is a Student Management System (SMS) that unifies Live as well as Interactive virtual classroom learning with assessment and student support in a single, secure and scalable platform. KH Lite empowers education institutes, colleges and training departments to undertake a wide range of interesting roles through its inimitable features:

Collaborate, author and globally distribute online study programs

Create unlimited courses with Video, Audio, Quiz, SCORM and Assignments

Schedule and track instructor-led study programs on a secure all-in-one platform

Enjoy unlimited Secure Course hosting for recorded and interactive live videos

Gain anywhere, anytime access to a library of study programs across any device


Reach Learners Anytime, Anywhere

Allows learners to consume modular, self-paced training on demand and on the go from desktops and mobile devices. Supports offline training via a mobile app.

Create & Manage Database Online

Allows organizations to efficiently manage a solid database of students and educators, ensuring a guaranteed improvement in learner-educator performance and an overall increase in organizational reputation.

Streamline course development

Empower educators and trainers to collaborate and quickly create quality instructor-led training programs and online courses. Easily assign tasks, track assessment and create interesting question pools

Improve visibility

Evaluate your training success and build a bond with learners with precise feedback, real time reporting and automated alerts whenever students reach a milestone or have finished a course.

Live Classroom Experience

Easily conduct interactive real-time sessions in a virtual classroom through Microsoft Teams where educators facilitate, and learners actively engage with the course material. All with the added convenience and cost savings that a digital environment has to offer.

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Enrol your students for learning programs and stream or download course videos to watch directly from the iPhone or Android device.

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