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Virtual Company Secretary: Online Network of Qualified Attorneys

Digital transformation has caused a paradigm shift in the ways in which legal services are sought and delivered. By leveraging the power of new-age technology, MWT Technologies brings you high quality professional legal services right to your doorstep, through Virtual Company Secretary (VCS): an innovative application that can provide online assistance on all corporate legal matters.


Whether you require assistance in corporate legal matters or estate law, family law, mediation, debt services, or any other legal requirements, you can benefit from our Virtual Legal Services via video conferencing, state-of-the-art secure client portals, and digital signatures. Save your valuable time and resources by harnessing the power of virtual platforms, and get the legal services you need from the comfort of your own office or home.

  • Virtual legal assistants take care of routine legal tasks
  • Comprehensive, cost-effective, transparent and efficient legal services
  • Admin, legal and business compliances and tasks handled by professionals
  • Network of qualified attorneys who cater to your legal needs around the clock
  • Monthly plans at INR 2500 and yearly plans at INR 25000 + taxes
  • Complete confidentiality assured in all matters


Industry-Relevant Courses

Cost-effective Services

Instead of hiring a full-time legal assistant, you can benefit from using the VCS app only when you need it, saving considerably on costs.
Flexible Learning

Flexibility of Customization

Based on your individual needs and in accordance with your time schedules, you can customize the VCS services.
Online Courses

Save Valuable Time

By entrusting legal admin tasks to VCS, you will free up your valuable time, which can be devoted to more productive tasks.
Simulation-based Learning

Boost Team Efficiency

By implementing VCS for routine legal admin tasks, your team can turn their focus on more complex legal issues.
Online Course Certificates

Affordable Payment Plans

Free trial, and customized monthly or yearly plans that fit every pocket. Get affordable access to a network of participating attorneys in private practice.

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